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✸ Favourite artists of 2021

Discovered any new artists in recently? These are my favourites from 2021. Follow the links to see more of their work – enjoy!

Portrait by Tina Berning

✸ 19 Contemporary Jewellery Designers

Jewellery is a unique area of design. Pieces are at once architectural and sculptural, domestic and performative, functional and symbolic, and uniquely engaged in an intimate relationship with the shape and movement of the body…[continue]

Earrings by Carly Owens

✸ Shopping small this Christmas (part 2) 🌟

Supporting artists and makers is easy and feel-good: simply scroll to discover a curated selection of gifts, cards, and festive decorations, all designed, made, and wrapped by creative people who love what they do… [continue]

Reindeer decoration by Jessica Kopetzki

Shopping small this Christmas ❄

With another UK lockdown now underway, many of the outlets that makers rely on to sell their wares—shops, markets, events—have evaporated. So, with festive thoughts in mind, here’s a sparkling Art Desk gift guide featuring 30+ gift ideas from UK creatives and small businesses… [continue]

Sequinned Ketchup decoration by Kate Gwilliam

✸ 10 Contemporary Embroidery Artists

Contemporary embroiderers make use of an ever-expanding array of influences, materials, and techniques. From thread-painting to machine embroidery, each of the artists featured has their own distinct sense of style and design… [continue]

Embroidered rabbit by Chloe Giordano

10 Contemporary Printmakers

Printmaking takes many different forms, with screen printing, etching, and relief printing (lino, wood block) among the most familiar techniques. This article showcases 10 contemporary artists working across printmaking today… [continue]

Landscape print by Laura Boswell

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